Laura Tommasi

Consultant in Singapore. Marketing for the Asian and Australian Markets.

Laura was born in Ivrea, Turin in 1963. A real cosmopolitan, she has lived abroad since she earned her degree in Economics and Commerce from the Università di Genova. She has lived for four years in Japan, another four in Germany and has been living since 2006 in Singapore.

For the last thirty years she has been travelling and sailing around the world and has clocked up quite a record of miles under her belt.

Laura is also a highly qualifies professional in the area of business marketing and management.

To name just a few of the qualifies roles she has covered in we can start with General Director of Itro pte Ltd., the largest industry in the world to use “Isothem Power”®, a system that recovers energy from toxic industrial waste.

In Frankfurt she worked as a manager and representative at Isvor-Fiat S.p.a. where she was also responsible for all of the projects for the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

In Tokyo, amongst other things, she was the Enrico Coveri fashion brand’s Area Manager for Asia and Head Hunter for one of the most important local recruiting companies.

An experienced traveller and manager who also has a true passion for modern and contemporary art, design and architecture, Laura is an excellent interpreter of the different cultures she has come into contact with during her interesting and varied professional and personal life.

Currently based in Singapore, Laura represents Adagio in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Japanese