Raffaella Yeuillaz

Director. Yachting and Hospitality. Marketing and Communication.

Raffaella was born in Ivrea (Turin; Piedmont) in 1964 and she earned a degree in Jurisprudence from the University of Pisa in 1992. She has been living in Pisa since 1983.

Her passions for travel and sport have lead her to travel the world in a very special way: by sail boat. After she finished her degree she turned her passion into a career. In 1995 she became a yacht broker and founded Vele di Gabbia, a yacht broker agency specialised in luxury charters.

She continued her career in the boatbuilding industry working in the marketing and communications management of two of the most prestigious large luxury sailing yachts boatyards in the world: the Finnish shipyard Baltic Yachts (from 1999 to 2003) and the South African Southern Wind Shipyard (from 2003 to 2013).

This is where she learned how to work with a clientele that is expert, demanding but also generous in sharing objectives and results. She travelled the world and worked with a variety of different markets. Through the many differences she found a common denominator: the desire to make time meaningful, time which is necessary to create and to appreciate quality to its best advantage.

It was following these lines that she decided, in the winter of 2013, to create Adagio, a new business venture in which to put the best of the past twenty years of experience to work for others.

In 2016 she has been appointed as Business Corporate Manager  both of Tamarind Beach Hotel (4 stars) and Canouan Resort (5 stars L) at Canouan Island (St Vincent and Grenadines, Caribbean), with the additional task to implement the yachting services (Yacht Club) for the hotels guests.

In 2017 and 2018 she has been in charge of the business development and customers’ satisfactory of Marina di Scarlino Complex ( Italy-Tuscany) and she has been Resort Manager of  the on-property Resort Baia Scarlino.

With her characteristic thoroughness and efficiency, Raffaella will coordinate the dreams and desires of Adagio’s clients. She is specialized in Yachting and Hospitality,  Marketing and Communication.

Languages: Italian, English, French