Ristorante Butterfly, Lucca, Tuscany

In Lucca, the Michelin starred Restaurant Butterfly is perfect for celebrating special occasions.

We had a lovely dinner there and enjoyed the quality, creativity and the delicacy of the dishes prepared by Chef Fabrizio and proudly presented by his wife Mariella.

We especially appreciated the delicate matching of the ingredients and the variety of flavors coming from different Italian regions, prevalently Tuscany, Piedmont and Sicily.

Fabrizio informed us that some new and expert deputy-chefs will soon join the Butterfly kitchen to enhance the repertoire of the restaurant. So that Fabrizio will be also more free to do cooking lessons, or to organize private and corporate catering.


Lucia Grassi e Laura Franceschetti, Tuscany

Lucia and Laura are two enthusiastic Yacht and Home-chefs. We have known them for years time and we have “experienced” their creations in many occasions.

Laura is based in Florence and some time ago she opened the door of her home kitchen for Italian and regional cooking lessons. Laura is also available as Home-chef, for catering and as tutor for household helpers.

Lucia is based in Pisa, when she is not onboard. In fact, her passion for cooking sometimes joins another for sailing. Lucia is available as yacht and Home-chef, for personnel training and cooking classes. The picture by Carlo Baroncini shows her adorning the dessert for the Adagio’s Team during the corporate photo-shooting.

Both Laura and Lucia combine their love for cooking to the study of the ingredients.

We highly recommend to taste their masterpieces or learn how to make them. We did it.


Tiziana Alemanni, Florence, Tuscany

Tiziana is a tailor and fashion stylist. A real artisan: she does everything by hand, from the concept to the finishing. It can take her up to 80 hours to make a dress. We would be happy to spend the same amount of time just listening to her talking about the people, textiles, samples, needles and threads that are behind every dress she creates.

With passion and patience she offers her time, her creativity and skill to her international clientele. Tiziana represents the great value of the craftsmanship that is behind the best of what is Made in Italy.

We can see her, featured by Lucia Baldini, working at her Atelier in Corte Fossombroni, Florence.