Relais Poderi Luigi Einaudi, Dogliani, Piedmont

On a sunny winter day, we met, Giorgio Ruffo and Matteo Sardagna. We already well knew the Poderi (Estate) Luigi Einaudi to be excellent wine producers, but we had never as yet visited the Relais. Just a few metres from the cellars, at the top of a hill with commanding views over the rolling hills typical of the Langhe countryside, the Relais is a natural continuation of the context in which it is immersed: welcoming surroundings and furnished with charm and taste by its owners.

The long and fascinating story of the Poderi Luigi Einaudi and the passion of their founder, Luigi, who never missed a grape harvest even when he was the second President of the Italian Republic, can still be perceived everywhere, even in the words and the projects of the current owners, the third generation of the Luigi Einaudi family.

We can recommend the Relais of the Poderi to all those who appreciate the underlying elegance whispered in the silence of nature, to all those who want to grasp an occasion for serious wine-tasting or to those who want to listen personally to the long and fascinating story of an important Italian family.