Villa Zaballina, Cinciano, Tuscany

Villa Zaballina is the main building of the romantic and vibrant Cinciano village. We visited the Villa accompanied by Claudio Antonelli, the general manager of the estate. The Villa faces a gorgeous Italian garden on three terraces with a secluded swimming pool and solarium, which is ideal for alfresco events and ceremonies.

In 1126, Zaballina of Bottaccio gave the Villa to Gotifredo, the Bishop of Florence. The picture shows the bedroom that accommodated the Bishop during his sojourns at Cinciano, with the old painted ceiling and frescoed walls that typically decorate all the Villa.

The Villa, which can accommodate up to a maximum of 16 guests, is available for rentals and events. While there, guests can enjoy other local Cinciano treats such as olive oil or wine tastings or have a meal at the Osteria 1126 restaurant. We really appreciated both the opportunities.

Every corner of Villa Zaballina, every detail you see walking in Cinciano show the history, care and passion that the Owners have been dedicated over the years to this jewel in the heart of Chianti.